New Delhi Zoohackathon


India is a megadiverse country, accounting for 7-8% of the species of the world.  The 91,000 species of animals found in India include megafauna like tigers, leopards, snow leopards, elephants, and rhinos, in addition to numerous other mammals, reptiles and birds.  Of these, 12.6% of mammals, 4.5% of birds, 45.8% of reptiles and 55.8% of amphibians are endemic to India, being found nowhere else in the world.  

But over the years illegal wildlife trade has threatened the existence of many wild species in India and across the globe. There is an urgent need for knowledge and action to stop all illegal wildlife trade that has threatened and even pushed many species towards extinction.  Urgent action is needed to develop tools that will help conservationists around the world curb poaching and illegal trade in wildlife, and reduce demand for illegal wildlife products.

The U.S. Embassy and WWF-India are proud to host the 2017 Zoohackathon in New Delhi.  We hope to mobilize participants to come up with technological tools and solution to address wildlife crime.


Oct 6-8, 2017


WWF-India, 172 B Lodi Estate, New Delhi


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