Hong Kong Zoohackathon

How to overcome an unprecedented extinction crisis?

A UN report released this year reveals that one million species are at risk of extinction. This biodiversity imbalance threatens ecosystems around the world, impacting not only human beings but the rest of life on earth as well.

Living organisms play important roles in pollination, flood prevention, water, and air purification, in addition to soil conservation. Ecological balance ensures reproduction, nourishment, and equilibrium of species. By destroying our ecosystems, we are destroying our food security, health, and quality of life.

What is causing this problem?

Many factors contribute to species extinction, including: 

  • Habitat reduction as there are fewer and fewer areas untouched by humans
  • Invasive species from one side of the world can travel to another side where there are no natural predators
  • Pollution especially in regards to plastic that ends up in the oceans
  • Organism exploitation related to hunting and poaching

Why get involved?

Aside from having the opportunity to use your knowledge, creativity, and passion for sustainable impact in real-world applications and showcase your ideas, you will also have a chance to:

  • Learn from field experts and U.S. diplomats
  • Attend a workshop hosted by the U.S. Consulate
  • Compete for iPhoneiPad and Apple watch
  • Compete for overseas training or exchange programs
  • Internship opportunities 
  • One Planet Youth Leadership



  • Illegal Pet Trafficking 
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Social Media and/or Marketing Campaigns

Wildlife Trafficking  

Marine Life Preservation

Hong Kong Timeline

Wildlife Trafficking: Major Transnational Crime and U.S. Policy Priority

The global threat of wildlife trafficking is worth an estimated $10-20 billion annually and continues to grow. It has links to transnational organized crime - including drug, weapon, and human trafficking - threatens national security, economic prosperity, the rule of law, pushes species to the brink of extinction, and spreads disease.

What is Zoohackathon?

The U.S. Department of State runs Zoohackathon, a global competition to develop new and innovative technological tools to fight wildlife trafficking. Zoohackathon 2019 events, including the ongoing Hong Kong-based “Keeping Wildlife in the Wild” challenge, are taking place in 15 sites across the world. At each competition, an expert panel of judges selects a winning solution. For more information on Zoohackathon please visit: http://zoohackathon.com/