Q:  What is the association of Zoohackathon partners to the United States Government?

A:  The U.S. Government is providing guidance, branding, and financial support in some cases, and will play a role in selecting problem statements and global competition winners.  The U.S. Government will NOT collect private or confidential information from registrants for future use outside the bounds of Zoohackathon.  Zoohackathon is considered an integral part of the U.S. National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking but is separately an opportunity for host sites and partner organizations to promote their own conservation technology priorities.

Q:  Are all Zoohackathons taking place simultaneously?

A:  Each host site will run an independent hackathon under the umbrella organization of the global “Zoohackathon.”  As such, local contest and registration rules and procedures may vary. During the Zoohackathon, there will be a forum for exchanging ideas, asking questions, and interacting with hackers and event organizers at other sites.  Check with your local site via their zoohackathon.com host site page for more details, or use the "Contact Us" tab at the top or bottom of the page.

Q:  What types of Rules and Guidelines are there for the competition?

A:  We’re glad you asked!  Please see the Rules and Guidelines here.

Q:  If my team or I create an application or program that is selected for mentorship and/or assistance to create a consumer-ready product, will we/I be able to keep the profits?

A:  Any ideas selected for development to create consumer-ready products will be made publicly available free-of-charge. Teams or individuals participating in the Zoohackathons are permitted to promote their participation or techniques/code developed therein to leverage private funding. Please see the Rules and Guidelines for more information.

Q:  Are there prizes?

A: Yes! Local prizes are determined by the individual host sites and their sponsors. First place winners of the local events will submit their solutions through the Digital Makerspace with Conservation X Labs at https://conservationx.com/. A global panel of judges will review these solutions. Winners will be promoted through Zoohackathon events and beyond and will receive mentorship from the U.S. Department of State and its partners.