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Announcing the first-ever
Virtual Global Zoohackathon!

Virtual regional events will take place November 6-8, 2020
Registration starts October 1, 2020!
Zoohackathon Egypt Photo

What is Zoohackathon?

Zoohackathon is a global competition that brings together university students, coders, developers, designers, project managers, and subject matter experts to develop innovative solutions to address on-the-ground wildlife trafficking issues.

This year for 2020, the first-ever Virtual Global Zoohackathon (Zoohackathon 2020) will take place! Zoohackathon 2020 will be broken up into five virtual regional events that span regions of the globe.

Over two and a half days, participants competing in the regional Zoohackathons will break up into teams to develop innovative technology solutions to help combat wildlife trafficking. Each event will emphasize regional wildlife trafficking challenges, including links between wildlife trafficking and zoonotic disease in each region, and will feature locally-focused problem statements, pre-recorded and live video presentations, fun and educational moments, partners and mentors, judges, and prizes.


The Zoohackathon Code

LOOP wildlife bought and sold illegally

  • FIND solutions
  • FOR animals
  • FOR all
  • DO WHILE there is still time
  • DO UNTIL demand stops
END LOOP: Coding to end wildlife trafficking